About Us

38 Years in Jewellery

Our Story:

It all started from the fatherly love of crafting the gold at its finest for the daughters, who are bound to fly away someday.

The craftsmanship, if moulded with love, creates masterpieces that can never go unnoticed.

The idea of Zebaish originated, when a father opted to design a gift for his daughter like no other. That gold jewellery was so stunning that it left everyone in awe. Therefore, a small shop in the heart of Karachi, Pakistan came into existence.

No matter how small or big, the true craftsmanship paves its way into the market. Therefore, the fine gold pieces crafted by the hands of experienced jewellers soon became the talk of the town.

For the past 38 years, Zebaish has been ruling the hearts of people who truly adore art and jewellery.

The legacy of Zebaish still continues with modern day innovations and competitive styles.

We wanted to reach out to our global clients who admire our jewellery, Therefore, we have made it possible for you to reach us online, hoping that it will strengthen our relation with our customers in Pakistan and in Canada.

Jewellery is a common aspect of all cultures, from the Middle East to Europe, you can find gold as one of the main parts of weddings. It truly adorns the beauty of the bride and the groom. Not only that, exchanging gifts is also a warming tradition and there is no better gift than gold jewellery. Therefore, Zebaish offers upto 22k gold jewellery for making you feel special on your special days.

Arshad Ali